Why You Should Leverage Google Apps-NetSuite Integration in Your Business


The world of business has witnessed stiff competition since the emergence of the Internet. In order to remain relevant in the market, a business must leverage any opportunity that can help it perform better than the rest. This can be, for instance, by utilizing the most economical and convenient technology available.

The use of CELIGO applications is rapidly increasing in the business field. Many people are now shifting from main business platforms such as Microsoft to Google products.  One reason for this migration is the fact that Google applications are becoming more economical and user-friendly than other products. Another reason is the integration between Google Apps and NetSuite.

NetSuite is a global financial, development, and ERP management solution for businesses.  With NetSuite, you can easily manage all your business activities in a single system. This helps in increasing productivity and visibility in your business. Many companies are now using NetSuite to track their business activities.

With the increased use of Google applications, NetSuite and Google have collaborated to allow their users to effectively use both services by integrating Google applications with NetSuite platform.

G Suite is a set of cloud computing tools such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Hangouts. These applications form a major collection of software that is very helpful to a business. To cope with issues of the flow of data between these Google applications and your ERP and CRM, NetSuite has bridged this gap by allowing Google users to track their data from any applications easily and timely. NetSuite allows a business to receive real-time data and updates from all applications.

If you haven’t done google integration with NetSuite in your business, here is what you are missing out:

– Gmail sync with NetSuite records: You can easily track your Gmail messages and documents that correspond to records in NetSuite.

-Getting NetSuite update within your Gmail account: With this integration, you can easily create tasks or opportunities very fast without moving out of your Gmail account. You can also operate on NetSuite data from within your Gmail.

-Direct sign-in: You can easily switch between any Google applications to your NetSuite without the need to log in again.

-Calendar synchronization: Google calendar and NetSuite synchronization help in managing schedules efficiently.

-Easy Access to shared Google contacts: Google contacts and NetSuite sync allows NetSuite users to have easy access to their shared Google contacts.

NetSuite is a leading cloud solution for ERP and financial management. It also offers a development platform for businesses. Integrating NetSuite and Google applications is a decision that can transform your business completely.


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