Why You Should Go for a Complete Sync Solutions for Your Google and NetSuite


NetSuite is one of the best ERPs in the market. It, however, works with many other web-based applications to ensure that you get timely information for quicker decision making. Every business has to find a way of managing their emails or even the scheduled events. Google calendar offers you these tools through the G-Mail and google-calendar. To be able to use the solutions provided by the ERP system and Google, you have to integrate the two platforms and provide a complete sync solution for your business. This allows your google drive and everything else offered by Google to work hand in hand with NetSuite in ensuring that every aspect of your business is running smoothly.

Integrating the two applications at https://www.celigo.com/products/netsuite-google-apps/ also increases the user productivity of the business. It allows you to accelerate business processes as well as improve the visibility of your brand. Many are the times that you need to access information on your email but if you have to keep changing from one interface to another, it opens up room for confusion. The single sign-on feature from Google email to NetSuite allows the users to navigate both platforms without having to sign into both of them.

This complete sync also allows users to get information from their email accounts and automatically look up important data on the ERP based on their email content message. One can also create contacts and various opportunities from their email account. It is in the best interest of the business to sync their ERP with their email because it allows them to track important communications easily. This guarantees that there is always a record to support every decision that is arrived at in the company. It also becomes easier to manage schedules more efficiently and any new information is received promptly for proper action.

It is important to note that the integration software at https://celigo.com/products/netsuite-google-apps/ offers different utility. There are those that only allow you to sync your contacts with the ERP. Others ensure that you have access to many other resources available on both platforms. That said, the goal remains the same which is to ensure that all the information available is synchronized. The end result is that there is good decision making. Also, there is timely decision making since information is not delayed. Ultimately, synchronizing your email and your ERP is a very good way to manage your business relations.


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