A company might have its employees spend hours of unproductive time importing and exporting data between Google and NetSuite, not knowing that there are ways on how the can synchronize all this and get the data without any effort.  The ones who have worked in offices know that Microsoft is the one which has been used for an extended period. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and the others, but of later one can be able to sync the Google accounts for the easy use in the office, the main common ones that are always linked are; Gmail, Calendar, Documents, and Contacts with their NetSuite records. This can be done very easily by just the click of a button using the right software so that someone as long as they have access to the internet they can be able to access they information from anywhere anytime. Your company will work smarter and at a faster rate than usual through this NetSuite integration.

NetSuite partners have come up with integration methods to connect Google Mail (Gmail) and NetSuite; other partners have created a way even to link the contacts. These ensure that maybe when you want to send a blast message or email you will not need to start the process of importing email addresses and contacts for you send the message to the many contacts.It is important to make sure that the information in your gmail sync with your NetSuite. At the same time when you add someone in the Google groups, you can continue to sync the information with the corresponding “NetSuite Collection” which can be in turn used be used as a mechanism for targeting.

After they have done the synchronization, then you can have you employees use the phones that they have with the Android app and take the information from the clients that they are interacting with on a day to day to day basis and update the information. This simply is like using zero effort to create a new NetSuite platform.

With this technology, one is also even to track deals on real time basis. It is very reliable on e-commerce as Google can be able to follow the keywords so that it can match a keyword from Google to NetSuite. NetSuite can also be able to know a customer from a visitor because it is integrated with some other systems and this enables it to offer more data while providing more robust reporting structure.

When firms are continuing to expand and growing in clientele, then the employees are continuing to use other forms programs and database, and it will be crucial to find programs that are cost-effective and time-saving. This lives us to the best option; NetSuite at https://www.celigo.com/products/netsuite-google-apps/.

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